Manas Trading Inc. was established in 1984 with the aim of helping people live more comfortable lives. For over three decades, weve been importing and developing interior items of the finest available fabrics to meet discerning contemporary needs ? leading brands from throughout the world as well as our own exclusive “Manas-tex” and “Time” collections. With a vast inventory of superb fabrics, wallpapers and carpets, were able to respond to the most diverse range of market demands.

Exceptional fabrics offer a wealth of design possibilities, from accents and refinements to establishing the overall space, and enable people to move forward with grand visions. At Manas Trading, were able to assist you at every stage, from materials to fabrication and installation. Whether youre contemplating private living spaces or major hotel projects, our trained professionals are available with the vast body of experience to create the right ambience for your particular needs.

At Manas Trading, fabrics are a vital medium for sharing fresh, new interior images. With this in mind, we keep instep with the times, inspired by our business philosophy of Create beautiful life.

Shinichi Saito,
President and Chief Executive Officer